Our Coronavirus Response

COVID Response

Designed with your safety in mind.

A benefit of construction in 2020 has been designing an office that allows for optimal social distancing and air circulation. These are a few of the elements we have included at OPT Vision, Ltd. to make our customers feel safe and protected:

1 . Additional ventilation in each exam room and throughout the optical.

2. Automated equipment allowing for 6+ feet distance between patient and doctor in each exam room during the majority of exams.

3. Sink installation in each exam room allowing for consistent hand washing.

4. Air purification systems in each exam room and optical.

5. Door buzzer system for strict enforcement of our appointment only policy and allowing for only a minimal amount of guests in the office at any given time.

What to expect when visiting our office

Prior to and when visiting our office for an appointment, please expect the following protocols until further notice:

1. COVID Questionnaire: Prior to your visit, a staff member will be reaching out to you to confirm if you have or may have been exposed to COVID- 19, traveled in the last 14 days, or if you have developed any new onset symptoms that may suggest exposure. If you respond yes to any of the following questions, we will require you to reschedule your appointment.

2. Temperature check: Upon arriving to our office, all customers will have their temperature checked.

3. Mask requirement: While in the office, a mask will be required for all guests at all times. Masks may be provided upon request.

4. Hand sanitation: Prior to trying on any frames, guests will be strongly encouraged to either wash their hands or use the hand sanitizer provided.

5. Frame disinfection: All frames will be disinfected after each customer and prior to being returned to the display cases.